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Miscellaneous Vegas Photos

Original, gallery quality photographs that don't fit
into any other catergory... by artist/photographer Bill Buth. on thumbnails for a larger view.
Note: Photo quality on your screen will be
much diminished from the actual photos.

Moulin Rouge Photo
'Moulin Rouge'
This now defunct casino is several blocks northwest
of the 'Downtown' area. It was famous as one of the few
casinos in Las Vegas where Blacks could stay back in the 50's.

Bail Bonds Photo
'Bail Bonds'

Atomic Liquor
Atomic Liquor, Fremont Street
East of the 'Experience'


Bonanza Gift Shops on Sahara and Las Vegas Boulevard.

El Sombrero Cafe
El Sombrero Cafe', on Main Street,
a few blocks south of Fremont Street.

McCarren Airport
'Welcome to Las Vegas' sign
at McCarren Airport. (Abandon all
hope, ye who stand on soft 17.)

Pink E's Bar
Pink E's Bar,
across the street from the Rio.


Live Nude Girls

Oasis Motel

Interesting neon sign on a rooftop,
just north of Fremont Street, Downtown.
casino neon sign

This is actually a detail from the
Golden Gate Casino Facade.
casino neon sign

Graceland Wedding Chapel

Cool resale store, on Main Street.
The Attic, Las Vegas

'Gentlemens Club' on Industrial Drive,
just west of Circus Circus.
Love Boutique, Las Vegas

Actual sign from The Las Vegas Drive-In,
still in operation.
Las Vegas Drive-In

The Orleans Casino

Las Vegas Drive-In

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