las vegas motel photos

and other oddities...

NONE of these motels are recommended by AAA.
The facades and signage are classics, though.

Following are original, gallery quality photographs of Las Vegas Motels,
mostly near Downtown Las Vegas, Nevada, by artist/photographer Bill Buth. on thumbnails for a larger view.
Note: Photo quality on your screen will be
much diminished from the actual photos.

Bonanza Lodge photo

Las Vegas Motel photo

Las Vegas motel photo

If you want to get a sense of what Downtown Las Vegas was like,
especially during the 1960's, before the 'Fremont Street Experience'
was installed, and auto traffic was still allowed downtown,
catch a TV show called 'Crime Story', during it's second season.
The show is based in Las Vegas,
and takes advantage of both indoor and outdoor locations
around the city, but mostly Downtown. It's also just a great fun detective show.

Las Vegas motel photo

Las Vegas motel photo

Las Vegas motel photo

Hotel Nevada photo
The Hotel Nevada, just south of Fremont
on Main Street, now closed.

Las Vegas motel photo

Las Vegas motel photo

Fun City Motel

Fun City Motel
on Las Vegas Blvd North

Sky Ranch Motel

Sky Ranch Motel on Fremont Street,
East of the 'Experience'.
In the twilight of it's life.
Not recommended for the casual traveler.

Apache Motel

Cupid's Wedding Chapel

Cupid's Wedding Chapel

Holiday House Motel,
Las Vegas Boulevard.

Holiday House Motel

Chapel of the Bells,
Las Vegas Boulevard.

Chapel of the Bells

Rummel Motel

Yucca Motel

The Holiday Motel, north end of 'The Strip',
near the Stratoshere.

Holiday Motel

Holiday Motel

Little Chapel of the Flowers, Las Vegas

The Safari Motel, east of the 'Experience',
on Fremont Street.

Safari Motel

The Gateway Motel, on Las Vegas Blvd.,
near Charleston.

Gateway Motel

oasis motel

yucca motel

las vegas motel

It's just a great neon sign;
Main Street, several blocks south of Fremont.

Ice House Lounge, Las Vegas

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