neonopolis, las vegas, nevada

Neonopolis resides in Downtown Las Vegas on
Fremont Street at the east end of the 'Fremont
Street Experience', just west of Las Vegas Boulevard.
The building was created a few years ago as a space for
retail stores, bars, and restaurants.
It includes a movie theatre, and has an outdoor stage,
and there is an attached multi-level garage that is a good
place to park if you're going to visit the downtown area.
Neonopolis is currently going through a reincarnation;
a lot of the original tenants have come and gone,
but there are some new ones lined up to hopefully
give the venue some new life.
There is also a LOT of neon at Neonopolis,
as can be seen in part in the photo of the entrance, shown below.

It also houses many old but restored neon signs.
Some of them are pictured below.
For those of you interested in signage nostalgia from
the 40's thru 60's, from some of the old casinos,
as well as neon signage in general, Neonopolis is worth a stop.

Original, gallery quality photographs of Neonopolis
in Downtown Las Vegas, Nevada, by artist/photographer Bill Buth.

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see ALL of our photos!


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golden gate


vegas club

harley-davidson cafe on thumbnails for a larger view.
Note: Photo quality on your screen will be
much diminished from the actual photos.

'Entrance' to Neonopolis

'Interior' of Neonopolis




Aladdin's 'old' lamp.



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